Concert of the First-year Class – 2018

This was a great year for the first-year violin class, 2017-2018, at the School for Strings.  Here is their performance in the May concert.

Here’s what some of the parents said:

“Our 8-year-old son has thrived under Mrs. Richards’ violin instruction.  He is consistently excited to go to his lessons and complains the 60-minute group lesson goes by too quickly!  Her program is well developed, thoughtfully progressing through skills to build a solid foundation and good habits.  She is able to translate her years of violin experience into a language children understand and enjoy.  We are so happy to see our son developing serious violin skills and even more happy to see him love doing it.”  JG

“Mrs. Richards’ method of teaching has been very successful for our daughter. The curriculum is very well rounded, teaching technique, theory, composition, artistry, and ear training.  The weekly group class provides a social gathering for the children where they learn to be comfortable performing in front of others and enjoy playing together as an ensemble.  I have been very impressed with the overall experience for my daughter and highly recommend it.”  MKW

“It is tough to keep the attention of 7-year-olds, especially when it comes to the arduous task of teaching music, but Cynthia Richards does an amazing job of not only engaging the kids but actually helping them learn music and have fun at the same time.  The group class provides the party element and the private lesson ensure that the kids get the individualized attention they need to progress rapidly.  You can’t go wrong with this set-up.”  ERB

Moving on to SECOND YEAR!

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