School for Strings Continues — Are you interested?

I am excited to start a new first-year violin/viola class for 2018-2019. Check out the results of last year’s class at the post entitled Concert of the First-year Class – 2018.

In our weekly one-hour group class, the children learn basic musical structure and ear training through the use of singing games, moveable-do sol-fa, reading and writing activities, and other activities familiar to most North American Kodaly programs.  They also learn to play their instrument together in an ensemble, and they learn to perform solo for each other in a casual setting, including concert etiquette.

In our weekly half-hour private lesson, which is attended by a parent, each student gets the individual attention they need, particularly with violin technique, which allows the teacher to customize the program according to the needs of each student.

With this model for lessons, the children really do get a comprehensive program for developing complete musicianship.  It’s amazing to see how much they learn in such a short time!

I am looking for parents willing to bring their child twice a week to violin lessons and to supervise practice at home.

Contact me at or call 801-372-4890 if you live in Utah County and want this complete musicianship training for your child.

If you are a teacher, I highly recommend this model for teaching your own students.  You can learn more about this way of teaching at Intermuse Academy located at Brigham Young University.  Log on to for information about their Kodaly Certification Course in June each year.