Innovation, Revision and a CLEARANCE SALE

The Complete Musician series is of practical application.  I develop the books and test them while teaching my students.  Initially, Book 4 covered the Major keys (to be taught during year 4) and 5 covered the minor keys (to be taught during year 5). 

 It became clear to me that the delay in introducing material in the minor keys was a mistake, especially since the students already had a solid foundation in do and la centeredness.  Since the materials in the Complete Musician serve as a literacy gateway to access all other materials, there were many excellent pieces in the student repertoire that needed to be used sooner.

 The Books have been revised so that Book 4 covers the Major keys C, G, D, F, Bb and the relative minor keys a, e, b, d and g (year 4).  Book 5 covers the Major keys A, E, Eb, Ab and the relative minor keys f#, c#, c and f (year 5).  There is also a Book of Piano Accompaniments for the original Book 4 solos in the Major key.

Clearance Sale:  While they last, the original Books 4 and 5 and the piano accompaniments are offered at 46% off.  These books are marked “-X” in the title and are available for $8.00 each.  The original Books 4 and 5 together contain mostly the same materials as the Revised Books with some minor edits.

Cynthia Richards 

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