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Cynthia Vance Richards began her study of the violin at age eight. Over the years she studied with Sylvan Ward, Lawrence Sardoni, David Dalton, Percy Kalt, Elaine Richey, Franz Samohyl. Cynthia first taught violin at age sixteen and has been teaching ever since. In addition to her private and college studios, she was invited by Clyn Barrus, head of the Music Department in 1996, to establish a string pedagogy course at Brigham Young University. After research in Hungary and Finland she co-authored a course with Dr. Jerry L. Jaccard who is currently President of the International Kodály Society. That course forms the curriculum of her School for Strings, including violin, viola and cello.

Subsequently she was asked to teach at Utah Valley University where she teaches individual students as well as the pedagogy class. Between her private studio, her School for Strings and her university students, she personally teaches between 25 and 30 students at any given time. Her School for Strings provides private and group lessons in a five year foundational curriculum. Cynthia was involved for many years in the music recording industry as a freelance performing musician.

She has also served for many years as the Concert Master of the Utah Valley Symphony.
If you are interested in studying with Cynthia, learning more about her system for teaching strings, or enrolling a young person in her School for Strings,
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or by phone or text at 801-372-4890.