Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men

Harmonia Mundi (aka. We Gather Here Together) is sung by faculty and students at the closing of every Intermuse Academy, and presumably at the closing of every other Kodály function.  I can hardly hear it without bringing tears to my eyes.  I think maybe the angels sang this.


Harmonia Mundi
16th Century German Chorale
English Text by Sean Deibler

We gather here together with joyful hearts and mind.

We raise our voices ever our distant souls to bind.

To remember in this moment of friendship, love and joy,

That music made together may one day heal mankind.

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  • After I posted the above video of Harmonia Mundi, I was informed that the Nazis or someone used this music with their own lyrics. It was triggering to some people so the Intermuse folks don’t sing it any more. How sad! We can’t sing about healing mankind any more because someone pre-empted the song for evil. I am still moved by this song with the good words.


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